Ivan Ageyev. About the artist
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Ivan Ageyev - the Moscow painter with rich pedagogical experience. It doesn't cease to surprise the spectator with a variety of techniques and plots of the painting. Numerous landscapes and city kinds are transferred by the master on a canvas very subjectively. In them - all author clearly - a courageous expression, the laconic, geometrically stylized manner.

Generous pastose dab, courageous work as a palette knife, following to traditions of recognized picturesque schools do its painting always recognized. Thanks to numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad Ivan Ageev has got many admirers of the talent.

Works of the artist are in private collections in Russia and abroad: Germany, Italy, Sweden, Slovenia, Montenegro, the USA, France.

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists

The Exhibitions:

1995 - gallery "At Dorognaya". Moscow

1996 - Moscow International Art-Saloon. Moscow

1996 - Manege. Moscow

1997 - gallery "Nagornaya". Moscow

1999 - Moscow International Art-Saloon. Moscow

1999 - Manege.  Moscow

2001 - International Exhibition Centre. Germany

2001 - gallery "Nagornaya". Moscow

2001 - gallery "Beljaevo". Moscow

2003 - Moscow International Art-Saloon. Moscow

2003 - gallery "Nagornaya". Moscow

2003 - the Moscow International Art Salon, Central Art House, Gallery "Relict".

2004 - the Exhibition with pupils «Gallery Upland» on December, 1-18st

2005 - the Group exhibition. Central Art House. December - January.

2006 - the Personal exhibition. The state showroom "Beljaevo". Personal Exhibition. June - July.

2008 - the Personal exhibition. Gallery "N-Prospect!" St.-Petersburg. August-September

2011 - the Exhibition "baring feelings". Central Art House Moscow.

On a constant basis many pictures are exposed in a number of galleries in Russia, Slovakia, Germany, the USA, Montenegro

Ivan Ivanovich Ageev was born on September, 3rd, 1950 in village Kopkun of the Novosibirsk region in a family of the employee.
Since early years he is interested beautiful, bright, loves the nature. Being the pupil of high school, collects cards with flowers, ornaments, still-lifes.
Having left high school, having passed a way of the recruit of the Soviet Army, it arrives in Omsk state teacher training college of a name of Maxim Gorkogo on is art-graphic faculty (1974-1980) Upon termination of institute, teaches drawing and plotting in high school of native village. During the same time works in industrial-art industrial complex of a city of Novosibirsk.

In 1983 leaves to Moscow. In Moscow gets acquainted with Feodor Fedorovichem Voloshko, the professor Moscow academic õóäîæå with òâå í but-p rums øëåéíîãî schools (. Stroganovsky) and F.F.Voloshko becomes its teacher and the instructor.
Artist Ivan Ageev on spirit is close to classical Russian art. It the creator. It the dreamer. It the colourist who ïðîäëå­âàåò a short life of colour, prolongs its variety of landscapes, native places, organically entering into a landscape architecture. Such are landscapes: "Spring", "Suzdal", "Bridge", «the Winter landscape», "Small village". Its urbanistic landscapes get new plastic forms of expression. They hold colour purity and light and during too time, íå­ñóò convention of a composition, picture structure: "Spring", «Late autumn», "Sails", «Evening in a gulf».

In Ivan Ageeva's pictures the person of the artist, the master of a landscape, its individual approach to details and the phenomena is traced. It êëàññè÷åí and at the same time is modern and simple. Its landscapes often suggest unusual and touching, necessary çðè­òåëþ. Sincerely with deep cleanliness of nature, with huge interest to the nature, being the open and frank person, Ivan Ageev shares it with the spectator.

Its cloths are diverse on colour, live on the technician, are deep on picturesque nuances, are various by contrasts, with open rhythms and dynamic dab.
At works of Ageeva there is a complexity and simplicity: a triptych "GoYorod", "Flood", «Autumn in Bogolyubov», «Autumn poetry».

In the pictures the artist expresses itself, first of all in öâåòî­âîé to scale, sharp, at times unexpected dab and, of course, the unusual approach to the composition decision.
For it it is unimportant on what material it works, a canvas or a cardboard. Its creative manner is so various that conducts our imagination to the Italian painting, to works of the French impressionists. And during too time it is the artist Russian êëàññè÷å­ñêèõ traditions: «Evening in a gulf», "Perfection", «the Drama landscape», "City".
And it is the fact which speaks about the big skill of the author, its irreproachably masterly dab, about the dashing decision of picturesque plans in works; "North", «Winter in village», «Evening in a gulf».

And here landscapes «Late autumn», "Village", «Autumn light» - multipanned, are volume, grasp beautiful ohra colour. In them painting and nature music.
There are landscapes which are close to the constructivism, here one purpose - to transfer the material environment in which there lives the person. The author has a whole series of landscapes where the palette is so beautiful and concrete that would be desirable to travel together with the author in it strictly geometric the accurate decision of a composition. Simultaneously we feel easy, soft transition of cold tones to warmer picturesque dabs. I mean landscapes from a series «Impression about Montenegro».
The artist is allocated by gift to feel imagination of paints, to embody dream in natural state of subjects on a canvas. Continuous to it landscapes are: "Flood", "Autumn", "Mooring", «Winter in village».

And how many kindness and tenderness in still-lifes! How many love to the represented: «Flowers in a dark blue vase», "Delight", «Autumn still-life». All subjects in still-lifes volume, live on color and under the form. They talk language of the artist which âëþáëÿåò in these products and gives the chance to see us once again beautiful, poetic and is sincere. This genre for the artist becomes school skill, reflecting the most intimate movements of his soul. At first sight in usual and ordinary subjects there is nothing îñîáåí­íîãî, but the artist finds a place of each line, to each color stain and the beauty of the nature reigns on a canvas.

Ivan Ageev goes much, therefore plots of its pictures are various. They open before us nature secrets. It is observant and impressionable. It is always recognized. The proof to it landscapes: "Spring", "Clearing", "Flood", «Winter in village», «Late autumn», «Early spring», "Mooring". In these works the following color gamut is obvious: highly, gray-blue clouds, more low, greens of woods, glades or meadows. Sometimes mirror-blue water. It fascinates all, admires and carries away.

It is necessary to tell about one line inherent in artist Ageevu. It sharply softens dynamics of vertical lines and a plane contour, muffling color of green-gray tones, and does it harmoniously, easy and is verified. It especially accurately is visible in landscapes: "North", «the City landscape», «Autumn in Mordyshe».

The separate analysis is demanded by a picture "Nu". The artist imposes nothing, let each spectator reads a picture in own way. The author transfers on a canvas the most secret creation of the nature - beauty of a female body. As a real man safely, dashing, wide dabs, open color, irreproachable possession of a treatment of light and shade create a portrait of the bared. The psychology that is why the color scale is difficult also is difficult and rich. A palette is lighting. This product is the certificate of that the author on a way of perfection of skill.

The big requirements to themselves, a large quantity of sketches and etudes to pictures, grant participation in city, regional and foreign exhibitions to us is right to rejoice, be proud and strictly to wait for Ivan Ageeva's new pictorial works.

Artist Ageev - the painter comprising sincerity, feelings of deep thoughts and aspirations. It talently and beautifully transfers images of the favourite nature, love to the person in a picturesque plasticity. He never forgets that skill is not stopped on reached that this aspiration to new creative hights perfection of a trade.

Its magnificent, solicitous attitude to painting, without effort input the spectator in beauty action. To it trust, with it together the spectator empathizes , admires, that is why from its cloths the facts of life sound.

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